Two Rivers Park

Two Rivers Park (TRP)

Mark Royka, Chair and maintainer of the park

The Beginning

For many years, the area bordering S. Potomac and Hudson Streets included a public park.  In 2003, however, Baltimore City considered selling the land to a developer who would have built houses on the site.  The CCA, behind the leadership of Randy Capone (CCA Block Captain), worked together with City and State officials to save the land and raise money to improve it.

Looking into the park from South Potomac Street. Image date: October 14, 2015

Two Rivers Park’s Birthday

The park’s “birthday” is considered to be 16 September 2006.   This was the 6th Annual James W. Rouse Community Service Day when people from Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse (SBER) joined the community to install the benches and plant the trees.


Two Rivers Park is located at the intersection of S. Potomac and Hudson Streets in Canton.  The park’s address is 902 S. Potomac and also 903 S. Curley Street.


Two Rivers Park derives its name from the famous rivers of the same name, the Hudson and Potomac Rivers.  The previous name of the park was Hudson-Potomac Park.


The park needs money for everything.   The only service that the city provides is emptying the trash can.   That means the upkeep of the park is dependent upon donations of people within the area.  These donations can be in the form of a person’s time and/or by financially contributing to the park.  So, if there is anything done to keep the park up, it must solicit donations from the community.

We had two fundraising BBQs this year, one on 30 May and one on 27 September.  Both had free food and drink (beer and pop) for all who attended.

From our first fundraiser I would like to thank Randy, Fernando, Sean, Josh, Marge, Peter, and Tiffany for their financial contributions.   I would also like to thank Damian for hosting the event and providing food and drink.   In addition I would like to thank the neighbors who brought beer and brownies.

From our second fundraiser I would like to thank Randy, Fernando, Helen, Robyn, Jocelyn, Meagan, and Carol for their financial contributions.  I would also like to thank Damian for hosting the event and running errands in support of it.


I would like to thank Tiffany for allowing the use of her truck, Ana for graciously allowing the equipment (for maintaining the park) to be stored in her shed, Helen for her lawn mowing and weeding, Fernando for killing the weeds, and any others who have chipped in from time to time.  I also would like to thank Randy for his continual support and guidance and Carol for her expertise on tree trimming and her support.  Without the help of neighbors, we would not be able to do what we do.

How to Help

Contact Mark Royka if you want to help in any way.

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